About Me

Writer, Artist, Computer Programmer, Entrepreneur

I have written, edited, copyrighted, published, and advertised my own book and website.

Can your book be published? YES IT CAN!

Have you written a book? Have you decided to go the self-publishing route?

Whether you are still deciding, or you have already decided to take the plunge, I can be your personal coach and mentor to get your book edited, published, and sold.

Some of my services are (but are not limited to):

* Editing and Proofreading

* Copyright assistance

* Self-publishing online for free

* Artwork, typesetting, layout, and design

* Website Creation

* Merchant Account assistance and setup (just in case you want to sell your own books on your own website)

* Advertising

* E-mail integration and automation

Do you want to see what I have to offer?

Here is my webpage:

Go to,, or and search for the title of my book, "A Moment In Your Arms" and you will see that I come up as the first listing in every search engine.

Buy my book if you want. Take time to critique my work. You won't be disappointed.

I charge $50 per hour for my time, but I allow certain projects, such as proofreading and editing, to be delegated to others. There are other expenses, such as advertising, that will require you to spend some money. We can do ALL OF THIS on a shoe-string budget!! I did. It cost me nothing but money for advertising, and purchasing a few proof copies of my book to review. And, of course, a lot of hard work that I learned through 35 years of being a computer programmer and marketer.

I am a computer programmer, artist, entrepreneur, and writer based in Warren, Michigan. Get in touch with me right now, and let's take your story to the world!

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I'm pretty much available 24/7 for free e-mail consultation.